A Path Finder Forward

My role as a practice adviser and partner with Halow Tassava Consulting is one of my proudest accomplishments.

When we were first organizing the company, it was important to me that we ‘walk our talk’ and Brenda and I spent a great deal of time deciding upon our ‘Mission Goals’ followed by a powerful Mission Statement. Throughout our work together, we have steadfastly lived up to both.  The very inspiration for our Mission, was the path shown above.  One day the dog was bounding ahead of us on the trail and I thought…that’s it, that’s what we are trying to be: that loyal companion, protector, and path finder forward.  Our company’s Mission Statement was born.

 Bash Halow and Halow Tassava Consulting 1 year later

It’s incredible that in just over one year, we are now a small, but highly loyal company of five employees with partnerships with two other prominent veterinary consultants. Our success is not all dumb luck, but the conscientious regular use of the very same management practices we encourage all of our clients to use when working with their team members.


Bash Halow and the HTC Team

We are not a magic wand to be waved over your staff members, grumpy doctors, or your bank statements. No one is. What we are, what I am, is your ally in your pursuit to achieve your dream of a profitable practice, a fun place to work, and a source of great patient and client care for your community. Beyond, that, if you are interested in conquering the world….all the better. I can’t think of anything better I’d like to do with the rest of my day. J

There are two difficult parts on your journey from where you are now and where you want to be. The first is starting and the second is keeping up with your commitment to change. At each juncture, we’re there for you, physically in your practice or available by phone or email at any time. Your success isn’t just our job, it’s literally our Mission and, after a short while working with your team, it’s our spirit.


The Halow Tassava Consulting Commitment

I owe my entire professional career to the veterinarians and other veterinary professionals who took time out of their lives to help me succeed in this profession. I am committed to helping private veterinary practices remain competitive in these extremely competitive times.


And where better to start than with you and your team?


Let’s begin!






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